Why offer KinKeeper as a benefit?

For Employees

Reduced Time

Spend less time on workarounds for managing health information for themselves and their circles.

Total Control

Share some information with some people and other information with other people, completely controlled by them, so they can finally share information AND share the load.

Full Picture

Finally have a place that includes their side of the story — because not everything relevant to health can be found in a medical record.

For Employers

Show Value

Let employees know you value their whole-person health, in and outside of work

Relieve Stress

Lessen the mental load employees carry by providing a tool they can use to confidently and effectively help them care for those they care about.

Empower Staff

Improve your employees’ health experience by enabling them to take control of their information and be better consumers of their health.

Implementation Process

Getting started is easy

Simple registration
Registration is simple and members can use the app for any type of health information
Communcations provided
We’ll provide a communications toolkit to help get your audience on board and engaged
Fully portable
Our app fully portable and goes with them so they can keep using it for years to come
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