What is a kinKeeper?

KinKeepers are the people playing air traffic control for all the appointments and reminders in their inner circle. They're central intelligence, making sure everyone knows what they need to know, when they need to know it.

We are the parents and children, siblings and friends, carers and paw parents, and we are the KinKeepers in our circles.

We came together because we needed some sense of control. The text threads, photos, emails, patient portals, folders and doomstacks (the stuff you have absolutely no idea what to do with) weren't cutting it.

We’re human. And we were looking for some health technology that recognized that. When we figured out that our tools for travel sports were better than our families’ health tools, we came together - from all different backgrounds and with all different skill sets – with one simple charge – to build a health app for humans.

We hope you see yourself in what we’ve built and that we can play a role in supporting you as you more confidently manage your health and care for the people you care about.

Our Team

Meet the folks behind Kith + Kin and KinKeeper

Jill Michal
Co-Founder & CEO

Jill's Circle: 3 kids (2 biological and 1 non-biological), spouse, 4 aging parents, and 3 cats

Mike Mangos
Chief Technology Officer

Mike's Circle: 2 kids, spouse, 4 aging parents, and dog

Erica McFaul-Erwin
Head of UX & Design

Erica's Circle: Spouse, 2 aging parents, dog, and cat

Amanda Havard
Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Amanda's Circle: 2 aging parents and dog

Jesse Southworth
Head of Data and Analytics

Jeff's Circle: 2 kids, spouse, 2 sibling-in-laws, and 3 aging parents

Jeff Cummings
Business Development

Jeff's Circle: Spouse and 3 kids

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