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How to get going with KinKeeper


Create profiles and add info

All your important information is organized in a simple health wallet that's easy to use and easy to update. It's more than a medical record since you can add your own notes, documents, photos, questions, and more!

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Update key details so everyone is informed

Health information is organized automatically, so it's quick to get set up and have powerful summaries of current and historical health info. And even easier for others to stay informed!

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Organize anything with custom topics

Use Topics to further organize anything you add to KinKeeper and tell your side of the story. Be prepared for a new specialist appointment or keep everything the babysitter needs to know grouped together.

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Share exactly what you want with anyone, anytime

Health is a team sport, so sharing with family and others carers is pertinent. Easily control what kind of access someone has and update it at any time. Plus, give temporary view access to anyone – and they don't even have to sign up!

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Download KinKeeper and have your family’s health info at your fingertips today.

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